After years passed producing wines as a pastime and a pleasure, the Azienda Agricola Volpara took a decision to dedicate itself to wine in a more serious and professional manner and, accordingly, to a life revolving around Falerno del Massico DOP wines from the heart of the Ager Falernus, the production zone of the Falerno appellation, to be precise on the slopes of the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina in the township of Sessa Aurunca.
With the 2004 vintage, production began at the Volpara estate and immediately achieved true oenological excellence, unique and easily recognizable wines with the unmistakable smoky notes which the wines take from their territory.
And thus the Tuoro Riserva was born, a wine firmly tied to its territory of production (Tuoro is the name of the small medieval village where the vineyard far these grapes is located). A Falerno del Massico Rosso Riserva with a full, rich gamut of unique and special aromas. Ri Sassi is another name which draws its origins from old, medieval settlements (Ri Sassi, or small grotto-like dwelling places): a Falerno del Massico red wine, structured and elegant with a great intensity of aromas and flavors.
The line continues with Donna Jolanda and Don Federico, the first a Falerno del Massico Bianco, a white wine, and the second a Roccamonfina IGP, both solid and balanced with floral notes and the typical fruitiness of the area from which the wines draw their origins. The names are intimately linked to family affections and sentiments. Jolanda and Federico are, in fact, the parents of Antonio Passaretti - the owner of the estate - and are still, even today, an example of love of one's own land and soil and the firm resolve to unquestioningly believe in its potential, in the possibility of important results. Refusing to emigrate from the area, as did so many others, in the 1950’s, they maintained their solid roots in the land which, some years later, would yield the nectar which we now find in the Falerno del Massico bottles produced by the Volpara estate.
Pink and White are two Roccamonfina IGP wines of these precise colors, fragrant and perfectly balanced.
The production is rounded out by Rugiada, a special low-alcohol sparkling wine conceived for a young public as either an aperitif or as a crisp and refreshing alcoholic drink.